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Dalia seera is a sweet or dessert dish of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is prepared with cracked wheat, also known as dalia.

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Dalia seera is a sweet or dessert dish of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is prepared with cracked wheat, also known as dalia.

Cracked wheat (dalia), jaggery (gud),[2] clarified butter (ghee), water, milk, cardamom powder (elaichi), small coconut pieces are the ingredients for the lapsi.

Dalia is fried in pure ghee, being stirred continuously, until it turns golden brown. Water and spices such as cardamom powder and sugar are added, and the mixture is stewed over a low flame until the ghee separates from the mix. Milk is added after the dish cools, and then the dish is reheated.

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